The New Foursquare – Checking Out From Check-Ins and Into Exploration!

Ever since Foursquare introduced Swarm, a few months back, a new update on the parent app has been expected. Foursquare split the main app into Swarm, which is solely concerned with check-ins and Foursquare, which is to be an exploration app.

Talk of the new update has been around for quite a while and we were looking forward to how the brand would place its new app. Well, two days ago, our prayers were answered. Foursquare has gone and completely and utterly changed everything that you found familiar about the app. Starting with the logo.

Foursquare new logo - Aug 2014 full

So, early this morning, as soon as we landed up at work, we decided to take the new Foursquare app for a spin! It’s safe to say that we weren’t disappointed at all!

Foursquare has focused on local businesses and restaurants with this new update. They have made it such that people will find new places depending on their likes, or as they put it “the all-new Foursquare, which learns what you like and leads you to places you’ll love.

Screenshot_2014-08-07-10-40-25 Screenshot_2014-08-07-10-40-35 Screenshot_2014-08-07-10-40-50 Screenshot_2014-08-07-10-41-00 Screenshot_2014-08-07-10-41-37Screenshot_2014-08-07-10-41-52


So people can select things that they like, on the basis of which, the app suggests places close by, that might have what you like. It, also provides you with recommendations of other users, even if you are not connected to them.

Businesses can now mention what they are known for, and Foursquare will accordingly suggest those venues to people who are interested in that particular feature.

Screenshot_2014-08-07-10-45-03 Screenshot_2014-08-07-10-44-29 Screenshot_2014-08-07-10-44-15 Screenshot_2014-08-07-10-43-30

Screenshot_2014-08-07-10-43-05 Screenshot_2014-08-07-10-42-29 Screenshot_2014-08-07-10-42-20 Screenshot_2014-08-07-10-42-05


It’s a new way for restaurants and bars to get discovered by people who will love the things that the brand has to offer, and thus connecting the right potential customers to the right kind of brand.

If this clicks, it will definitely be a brand new way for people to explore. It definitely looks promising, it is to be seen how they fare. The initial response on Google Play store don’t seem to be positive for the app. Let’s see how they manage.

Check out this video of the new app

Let us know what you think of the new Foursquare. Do drop your comments below.



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